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Lanzhou, a beautiful city in northwest China


Jul 15, 2020

If you don’t come to Lanzhou, you can never experience the magical nature of nature in the northwest. The train gradually enters here, the vegetation on the mountain becomes more and more desolate, a large loess is exposed, and the land of Lanzhou is barren like aesthetic violence .

A day in Lanzhou begins with a bowl of beef noodles. Every morning, Lanzhou people come to the shop they often visit, come to a large bowl of beef noodles, and start a day’s work. A good bowl of beef noodles is “one clear, two white, three red, four green, and five yellow”, that is, the soup is fragrant, the radish is white and translucent, and the pepper, green garlic, and coriander are added. Tourists often go to Ma Zilu( 马子禄)and Amber(安泊尔), while Lanzhou locals prefer the familiar pavilion next to their home.

Zhongshan (中山)Bridge

he first truly meaningful bridge on the Yellow River, with more than a hundred years of history, is a must-see attraction in Lanzhou. The bridge connects the south and north of Lanzhou. South of the city is the more famous “Yellow River Custom Line”. There are free attractions such as the Yellow River Mother Sculpture and Waterwheel Park. North of the city is Baitashan Park. In order to extend the life span of this century-old bridge, cars on the bridge are now impassable.

Baita Mountain(白塔山) Park

Baita Mountain Park is located on the north bank of the Yellow River and is connected to Zhongshan Bridge. It is a favorite spot for locals in Lanzhou. Baita Mountain is named after the ancient Baita on the top of the mountain. There are also temple buildings in the mountains. The top of the mountain is only 200 meters high compared to Lanzhou City. It is not difficult to climb. You can also go up and down the cable car. The most amazing thing is that when you climb to the top of the mountain, you can overlook the entire Lanzhou. In sunny weather, you can overlook the Lanzhou and the Yellow River.

Sheepskin raft

Sheepskin raft is an ancient means of transportation. Sheepskin rafts are made from a whole piece of sheepskin, and people use their mouths to blow air to make them full. With the development of modern transportation, the cargo transport function of sheepskin rafts is basically lost, and the main function is turned to entertainment. A sheepskin raft can take 6-8 people and costs 50 yuan/person. It can take you a few kilometers to drift and sit on a sheepskin raft. You You can deeply feel the turbulence of the Yellow River, and the raft even swayed a little bit in some torrents.

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