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Qinghai Lake-a fairyland left in the world


Jul 13, 2020

A long time ago, you were the tears left by lovers. Half bitter and half sweet. You are the sweat left by the shepherd, half like gold and half like silver. —Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake, China’s largest inland saltwater lake, was once rated as the most beautiful lake in China by China National Geographic. Its Mongolian name is “Kukunor”( 库库诺尔)and the Tibetan name is “Wu Wenbu”(错温布), which means “blue sea”.

The beauty of the four seasons is different every year. Among them, the breeding of migratory birds in April and May, and the rapeseed blooming in June and July are the most spectacular. The top Asian cycling races are also held here every year due to the beauty of Qinghai Lake.

The most beautiful rape flowers in China are in Qinghai. When the rape flowers are in full bloom, this is paradise on earth.

The land beside Qinghai Lake in June and July is very suitable for camping. At that time, the temperature was about 18 ℃, and the climate was cool and pleasant.

Qinghai Lake, the purest blue, the most gorgeous yellow, the sky and the sky, and the white clouds tumbling wildly.

It stretches for dozens of kilometers, and the mountains and fields are full of floral flavors. The most surprising thing about Qinghai rape flowers is that the flower fields are not just surrounded by a scenic spot, but are always there along the way.

On Qinghai Lake Road, I am often touched by the beautiful scenery, abrupt winds and clouds, blue lakes, cattle and sheep competing with others, devout believers… and of course there are cameras on the roadside that are interested in your speed!

Zhuoer(卓尔) Mountain belongs to Danxia landform and is composed of red sandstone and conglomerate. Tibetan is called “Zongmuma Glaze Ma”, (宗穆玛釉玛)which means beautiful red queen.

The undulating contour of Qilian(祁连) Mountain hides the shadow cast by the sky clouds, bright and dark, and magnificent colors, any sadness can be cured here.

Chaka Salt Lake, known as the mirror of the sky in China

Sims azalea,The most beautiful flowers with vitality

As the sun sets, the ground is golden.

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