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Emetang(俄么塘) Sea of flowers


Jul 9, 2020

The Sea of flowers in Ometang, Hongyuan County, is a bright pearl inlaid on the northwest Plateau of Sichuan Province. It has the reputation of “the Sea of flowers and clouds on the plateau of Taoyuan” .

From Chengdu to Dujiangyan Irrigation System, drive 375 km, via chengdu-irrigation expressway, Duwen Expressway, Rongchang Expressway, National Road 317, provincial road 302.

Heavy rain warning over most of Sichuan. Confused. Will the journey continue? In the end, I decided, no matter how much, to keep my faith and move towards my goal. Mountain people have always believed that the heart has produced an ideal, if conditions to achieve, it should be realized immediately, otherwise, in time, a beautiful ideal like soap bubble, will be disillusioned.

Luckily there was no heavy rain and we arrived at our destination without difficulty

Into the red grassland, all the way are beautiful, beautiful is said to be such a chance.

The night was really stormy, really worried about the tent was blown over, fortunately the tent is steel structure, also strong, but the rain is too big, a little leakage, the staff is doing a safety inspection, they gave a tent room. The night is very cold, zero degrees, wearing a down jacket, covered with two quilts, clothes and sleep.

It’s dawn, the rain has stopped

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