Ten ghost-like anime

Now many young people or children like to watch anime. If you like to watch anime, I do n’t know if you have heard the anime of the ghost father. Many people of this perverted father ’s anime are unforgettable. So what else What about anime like this?

10.San Hua Li Mi

The types of dad and ghost father here are similar. They are very abnormal fathers. They like to abuse children and have a strong taste. Please be careful.

09.Listen to dad

The plot is slightly ghostly, but overall it is still positive, in short, it is similar to the ghost father at some points.

8. fate/zero

The protagonist was tortured by his father from a very young age, it was very depressed, but his father was not a particularly perverted type.

7.Fairy melody

It is another ghost father, both in character setting and expression are particularly like ghost father.

6.Yan mother

An anime that is as famous as Ghost Father, is also a perverted gangster. The character is very distorted.


It is a perverted puppet, similar to the ghost father, if you do n’t have fun watching the ghost father, you can take a look at this one.

8.Autumn sky

It is also an anime nominated with the ghost father, and the plot is heavier.

3. Sister juice

An anime that was particularly popular at that time, but now it has been blocked because of inappropriate content. It is both heavy-mouthed and perverted.

2.Grey Paradise

Listening to this name, I know that it is a relatively dark anime, the content is suppressed, and the plot setting is unacceptable.

1.Mother-in-law’s tutor

They are all non-common themes. They are as famous as the ghost father. An anime that many people have seen. If you like this type of suggestion, you can take a look. .

Top 10 most beautiful tourist attractions in the United States

10.Lanikai Beach

Nature is full of beauty, and Lanikai Beach is a good example. This beach is located in Lanikai on the windward coast of Oahu, USA. It is one of the best beaches in the world and one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world.

9.Tannery National Park

Tannery National Park is an amazing tourist resort. Located in inland Alaska, this park covers more than 6 million acres and holds incredible wildlife including grizzly bears, moose, wolves, and a variety of other biological.

8.Palouse Falls

If you’re interested in going for an adventure, then Palouse Falls is a great tourist destination. It’s located on the Parus River. The marvelous waterfalls and beautiful scenery of eastern Washington create a unique and amazing view.

7.Horseshoe bay

Horseshoe Bay is located in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and it is surrounded by a canyon so visitors can see it from the steep cliffs. It offers a variety of amazing scenes, this beautiful place also contains a lot of minerals and is a perfect tourist attraction.

6.Kilauea Volcano

Kilauea Volcano is a low-level, flat shield-shaped volcano located in the Hawaiian Islands. It is one of the most active volcanoes on the planet. It is an amazing tourist attraction and is visited by about 2.6 million people each year.

5.Niagara Waterfall

Niagara Falls is one of the ten most beautiful waterfalls in the world. This is the collective name of three waterfalls that cross the US-Canada border. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world, with millions of tourists every year.

4.Painted Mountain

This is a beautiful place in Oregon, USA. Its name comes from its beautiful and vibrant hills. These differently colored stripes show a slow growth for more than a million years.

3.Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is a beautiful suspension bridge that spans the Golden Gate Strait between the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay. It is considered one of the internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco, California, and the United States, and is also known as one of the wonders of the modern world.

2.Yellowstone national park

This is a beautiful national park in Wyoming, USA. Considered the world’s first national park known for its wildlife, active geysers and hot springs, this park offers a variety of recreational activities including camping, hiking, fishing, boating, and sightseeing.

1.Grand canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the ten most beautiful canyons in the world. It is a steep canyon located in Arizona, USA. It is a famous and wonderful tourist attraction, and is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

The ten weirdest places in the world, 99% of people do n’t know

In the world we live in, we are facing many mysteries that even the best scientists cannot solve or even give a valid explanation. There are several places on Earth, and if you are taken away and nobody knows, then you will claim to be taken to a very different planet. If you like mystery, then you have come to the right place, where you can get information about several mysterious places on Earth. Take a look at the 10 most mysterious places in the world below that exist on Earth. You will be surprised to hear these places.

1.Columbia Rainbow River

This is a river. But it’s not the only river, it’s because of the mysterious things that happen to it. It is located in Serrenia de la Macerana, Colombia. In the months of September and November, the river turned into a wash of color. The colors are blue, green, yellow and pink. This phenomenon is attributed to the types of plants growing on the riverbed. This is a mystery.

2.Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean

This is the triangle between Miami, Bermuda and San Juan. This is one of the ten strangest places in the world. In the news you will hear reports of planes and people missing in this place. It has not been explained how this incident occurred. Some explanations have been given, but none have been explained. This is the only triangle that mathematicians have not solved.

2.Mount Roraima, Brazil

This is the triangle between Miami, Bermuda and San Juan. This is one of the ten strangest places in the world. In the news you will hear reports of planes and people missing in this place. It has not been explained how this incident occurred. Some explanations have been given, but none have been explained. This is the only triangle that mathematicians have not solved.

3.Mount Roraima, Brazil

razil is a country known for its Christian status and more. This mountain is not like other types of mountains because its top is a huge plateau, not the top of the mountain. The best explanation is that it is caused by wind and rain. It is one of the oldest geographical structures. It is unusual to have clouds on top of the plateau.

4. Travertine ponds in Bali, Turkey

This mysterious place has been in Turkey for almost 200 years. It is a travertine deposit formed as a result of the establishment of a series of beautiful white terraces in the hot spring. It has some white natural pools, and the water inside is clear blue. They are a mystery and will last a long time. This is the pride of the Turkish Ministry of Natural Resources.

5.Richard Structure, Mauritania

These are the eyes of Sahara. It is located in the Sahara Desert. It’s a 30-mile-wide circular geographic structure, and you won’t be able to see it unless you look down in the air. There are several explanations for its existence, one is the result of a volcanic eruption and the other is an asteroid impact. This is a mystery because the rings on the circular structure are equidistant and it is almost a perfect circle. Despite many attempts to explain it, it still exists.

6.China Devil City

This place literally means the city of Satan. It is one of the deserts in the world and is located in Xinjiang, China. Some travelers travel across this desert to an old abandoned town and they report that they have seen and experienced something strange. Some of these things include babies crying, playing guitar strings and mysterious sounds in the breeze. They never explained the source of the sounds they heard.

7.Libya Liptis

For those who don’t know, Libya is one of the African countries that was once inhabited by the Roman Empire. Magna is a Roman ruin. It is located 80 miles east of Tripoli. Several tourists from all over the world visited Libya and witnessed this mysterious place with their own eyes. This is one of the most spectacular architectural ruins on earth. For history buffs, this is a secret you should try to explain.


Japan is a mysterious country on earth. This is another mysterious place found in Japan’s famous Mount Fuji. It has about 3,500 hectares of woodland. It was included on this list because of its twisted trees and twisted trees, and it was reported as the home of ghosts, ghosts, and demons from the surrounding area. If you are afraid of ghosts and demons, this place will not be the best, as it is recorded as the second most popular place of death on Earth. More than 500 people have committed suicide in this place.

9.American Flywheel Fountain

It is located in the Nevada desert. These three very large, colorful mounds sprayed about 5 feet of water into the air. You will find these things in luxurious places. This place appeared as a result of an accident during the drilling in 1916 and did not work well at first, until geothermal hot water began to spray from the well in 1960. Over time, some dissolved minerals build up and become one of the most mysterious places on the planet.

10.Japanese underwater ruins

At the beginning our list was Japan’s underwater ruins. Yes, I am talking about underwater ruins. Ruins of these centuries are located on the ocean floor on the southern coast of Yonaguni. This place is so mysterious that even scientists cannot find a proper name for it. It was originally discovered by a lost diver who dived to find this place in 1995, but eventually became the first to see the ruins. Initially, when they were discovered, the explanation given was a geographical phenomenon, confirming that it was in fact artificial. The most obvious clue is the way these steps are formed, and it is clear that flowing water cannot form steps.

Top 10 most beautiful women in the world Scarlett johansson was number one

Celebrities are some of the biggest hits in mainstream culture. These celebrities can be any profession as long as they are a role model and have a lot of money. But most importantly, fashion models and movie actresses are the hottest celebrities. They have everything, talent, looks, personality, sex appeal, etc. These factors make a person a celebrity. We’ve come up with a list of the 10 hottest female celebrities in the world, and here’s our guide.

10.Eva mendes

Eva mendes is an American actress, model, fashion designer and singer. She is also a natural beauty and has reportedly faced up to her flaws, such as being too picky, and said she loves them and won’t fix them. Her body and stunning appearance have made her one of the sexiest celebrities in the world.

9.Charlize theron

Charlize theron is an academy award winner. Although charlize theron is one of the sexiest celebrities, she is a humanitarian who runs a health service in South Africa that offers help and support. Her performance in monsters won her an Oscar. Charlize theron is also considered one of the most beautiful women.


Shakira is one of the most famous people in the world. Although shakira is a great singer, songwriter and music composer, she is also known for her slim figure, especially her sexy butt. She is not only a figure of perfect figure, but also a humanitarian, because she gives her money to charity.

7.Angelina jolie

Angelina is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and fashion. She was also listed as one of the most attractive people in America. Her husband brad Pitt is another big star in Hollywood. It is well known that she loves children. In addition to being a successful actress, she is also a successful businesswoman and philanthropist.

6.Jessica alba

Jessica alba has worked in the film industry for a long time. Her charming face and smile were recognized by everyone. She is also sexy because she has a great body. Jessica alba was named 45th on TV guide’s list of 50 sexiest stars; FHM magazine called her the sexiest woman in the world, topping the list of 99 most popular women.

5.Salma hayek

Salma hayek is a famous actress in the film industry. Besides being gorgeous, salma hayek is also fun. Salma hayek is also an advocate against domestic violence. Most of her films have been successful. She is also considered one of the sexiest and most beautiful women in the world.

4.Megan fox

Megan fox is considered one of the sexiest beauties in the world. She is popular and popular all over the world; She has been on the cover of fashion magazines countless times. Megan fox has starred in several successful Hollywood movies.

3.Adriana Lima

One of Victoria’s secret’s hottest models is adriana Lima. She is popular all over the world. Despite her success as a model, something most people dream of, she is known to be very religious. She is now a mother of one child.

2.Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce is successful in everything she does, whether it’s modeling, singing or acting. She is also considered to be one of the hottest female celebrities of 2018 because of her great figure and poise. She is also famous for her charity work because her contribution is great. She is now one of the major figures in mainstream music.

1.Scarlett johansson

Scarlett johansson is a beauty with brains. She is regarded as one of the most talented actresses. Not only that, she has a charming temperament and a great personality. Over the past few years, scarlett johansson has become a big hit in Hollywood with her outstanding performances in various movies. There is no doubt that scarlett johansson is one of the sexiest stars.

Top 10 best places to visit in Bali

If you keep following the Instagram travel account, you will find that almost everyone goes to Bali! There is no doubt that this beautiful island attracts tourists from all over the world because it has amazing beaches, historical sites and amazing Spectacular scenery, here are the top ten best spots in Bali.

10.Bratan Water Temple

This is a great place to take photos. The scenery of Bali is very spectacular, and the view of this temple is no exception. This temple was built in 1633 and is very elegant on the shore of Lake Bratan.

9.Sekamp Falls

Sekamp Waterfall is located in northern Bali and consists of 7 waterfalls. It is the most beautiful waterfall in Bali. On a hike through these waterfalls, you will encounter terraces, local villages and more.

9.Battle vol.

Mount Battle is an active volcano. Guided by the guide, visitors can also enjoy a delicious picnic breakfast on the mountain and cook eggs on the steam of the volcano! The beauty of the mountain top will make you speechless!

7.Uluwatu Temple

Bali’s most iconic temple is the Uluwatu Temple, which sits on the edge of a majestic cliff, about 70 meters from the charming blue Indian Ocean, and is definitely one of the most breathtaking places you should visit.

6.Puyang Temple

Puyang Temple is the oldest, most sacred and largest Hindu temple in Bali. It is located on the top of the Lempyan Mountain. You need to climb about 1700 steps to reach the temple, where you can enjoy the surrounding valleys, volcanoes and ocean Amazing views.

5.Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot is an offshore temple in Bali. Visitors can enjoy the gorgeous environment here and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the sunset!

4.Rice terraces

As you admire these beautiful paddies, you can cycle or take a walk on these trails. In the beauty of these terraces, you will forget where you are.

3.Elephant Cave

Since the 8th century, the Elephant Cave has been used as a refuge for Buddhist monks and Shiites. Despite the elephant cave name, you won’t see any wild elephants nearby!

2.Noosa is.

The most special place in Bali is the sunny beaches. Walking barefoot along the warm golden shores of these beaches or jumping into the refreshing waters of the Indian Ocean is definitely a good experience.

1.Villa Titagunga Water Palace

The 10 best foods to boost your metabolism

Metabolism is the process by which your body converts the food you consume into energy. BMR or basal metabolic rate helps your body maintain basic functions such as cell renewal and repair, breathing, blood circulation, and hormonal balance at rest. There are many factors that will affect your BMR ratio, including gender, age, height, body composition, weight and diet. If you want to stay healthy, you must maintain your metabolism level. Here are 10 types that can promote your metabolism. food.

10.Green tea

Green tea is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants and is one of the best super foods to help improve your metabolism. The catechins and caffeine contained in green tea help increase energy expenditure and offset the decline in people’s metabolic rate during weight loss.


Lemons are a powerful source of metabolism. They can help detoxify your liver and cleanse your digestive system. The vitamin C and enzymes contained in lemons can convert toxins into waste and are excreted from the body.


Grapefruit contains a large amount of vitamin C, which helps improve the function of the metabolic system. Grapefruit is rich in a flavonoid, which has strong antioxidant properties and helps promote metabolism.


Pepper is rich in a compound called capsaicin, which can have a huge positive effect on your body’s metabolism. Capsaicin has heat-generating properties, which can help cells convert energy into heat. The increase in heat generation promotes metabolism and body temperature.


An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away from you, but also helps you lose weight and boost your metabolism. Apples are rich in soluble fiber and low in calories, making them the perfect choice for those who want to increase their metabolism.


Ginger has hot properties, so its intake can slightly increase your body temperature. The increase in body temperature is related to the increase in metabolic rate. Ginger is a vascular dilator that can increase the diameter of your arteries and promote blood circulation.


Cinnamon is a great spice that will allow you to lose weight better and improve your metabolism. Cinnamon is not only low in calories, but also rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants, which can increase metabolism.

3.black coffee

Coffee’s metabolism-promoting activity comes from caffeine, which is a stimulant of the central nervous system that can help increase the body’s metabolic rate. Caffeine helps to inhibit the neurotransmitters adenylic acid and increase the release of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and dopamine.



Eating almonds can increase your body’s energy expenditure. Although they are high in calories, they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which helps boost your metabolism. These fatty acids reduce the production of leptin, which is a natural chemical that can lower your metabolism.

The world’s largest 10 aircraft Ann – 225 cargo planes ranked first

Aircraft play an important role in military operations, as well as in airlift from humans, and in transporting things to distant parts of the world. The aircraft’s capacity has been increasing, carrying more passengers as well as more cargo. Here are the top 10 largest aircraft in the world.

10.Airbus a340-500

The aircraft, built and produced by European aerospace supplier airbus, is actually a long-range, large physical commercial passenger and cargo aircraft. The plane can seat about 375 passengers, making it the 10th largest aircraft in the world.

9.Airbus a350-900

It’s actually a long-range, paired, large fuselage plane built by European manufacturer airbus, with each fuselage and wing design made primarily of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. As a member of the A350 XWB family, the aircraft brings comfort to guests and a good return to the company.

8.The Boeing 777-300

The Boeing 777-300 is the world’s largest twin-door aircraft and has 386 passengers to seat in a typical third-class class. It is actually more fuel-efficient than other wide-body aircraft and is one of Boeing’s best-selling models.

7.An-22 transport aircraft

It is actually a military transport plane designed by the antonov design bureau of the former Soviet union and is the world’s largest turbocharged aircraft. At present, the aircraft has been widely used in many armed forces and altruistic airlift functions.

6.An-124 transport aircraft

This is a transport plane developed by the antonov design bureau of Ukraine. It is the most extensive military transport plane in the world and one of the largest aircraft in the world.

5.Airbus a340-600

It is a long-range, wide-body, four-engine commercial travel plane, built by the European aerospace company airbus in 1993. It has a range of 7,900 nautical miles, 350 passengers to sit on, and 475 high-quality seats.

4.The Boeing 747-400

This is one of the most typical customer versions of the 747, which has a high subsonic speed of Mach 0.85 and a range of 7,670 nautical miles.

3.The Boeing 747-8 I

The 747-8i is a wide-body commercial aircraft made by Boeing commercial aircraft. It extends the life of its body compared to the ancestors of the 747 family, and the system costs $379,000 to fly.

2.Airbus a380-800

The airbus a380-800 is a double-decker, wide-body, four-engine aircraft that is the world’s largest travel plane. Since the upper deck of the plane overlaps with the fuselage, this provides a more important functional floor area for 525 passengers, providing them with seats in a typical third-class cabin.

1.The an-225 transport plane

The an-225 is an important air cargo plane designed by the antonov design bureau, and it’s the heaviest aircraft ever and it’s actually driven by six turbofan engines.

Top 10 most beautiful animals in the world the blue whale is number one

Nature and beauty are an integral part of our lives, and if we look closely at the world, we are sure to declare it so beautiful that we can hardly admit its existence. Animals in nature are beautiful not because of their fineness or color, but because of the impression they give us when we look at them. Here are ten of the most beautiful animals in the world.

10.Shoot terrapin

The tortoises are said to be the most beautiful turtles in the world. Although they have the same shape as other species, the domed shell is marked with yellow lines on a black background. These lines radiate from the center of each shell and look very beautiful.

9.Rainbow parrot

One of the top 10 most beautiful birds in the world, the rainbow parrot is found mainly on the east coast of Australia. Considered the most beautiful of all parrots, the brightly colored birds live in coastal woodlands and tropical rain forests and eat nectar, pollen and fruit from a variety of plants.

8.The chameleon

The chameleon is one of the most beautiful animals in the world. It has a textured and scaly body and camouflage ability that helps them blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

7.The blue morpho

The blue morpho is the largest butterfly in the world and has the brightest and most attractive appearance. The bright blue wings and black edges reflect microscopic scales to make it look more beautiful.

6.Spot deer

Considered the most beautiful deer species in the world, this striking animal has a reddish brown coat with white spots that enhance its beauty.


Zebra is a unique African animal, famous for its unique black and white stripes, many people do not know the characteristics of the zebra, each zebra has a different pattern, just like everyone has a different fingerprint.


These are some of the most fascinating creatures you’ll ever see, most of which live on coral reefs in Australia. Usually in pairs or in groups, they have some of the most beautiful and attractive colors and patterns in the world.

3.Akha tucker horse

The most beautiful horse in the world, this lively animal is the only one known for the natural metallic sheen of its fur.

2.The peacock

The most colorful and beautiful bird in the world is the peacock, which is the national bird of India. The peacock looks even more beautiful when it spreads its amazing, elegant, bright wings!

1.The blue whale

The blue whale is the most beautiful and largest creature that god created. It is the largest animal in the world.